BLOGG / Young, LGBTQ and have experience of sex for $$$ or compensation*?

Or are you thinking about having sex for compensation? RFSL Ungdom want to know about your thoughts and opinions in an anonymous poll! 

RFSL Ungdom is starting a new project to support you who is young, lgbtq and have experience of sex for compensation. 

The support we want to offer can be practical, for example in the contact with healthcare and authorities (social services, the Migration Agency, the housing office or the employment office). It can also be as an emotional support, like having someone to talk to. 

We would be grateful if you would help us by answering a poll. Please click here

*What is sex for compensation? 
Compensation can be money, but also other things or opportunities, for example clothes, trips, alcohol, living space or work. Sex can be many different things. It can be physical meetings with other people, web cam-sex, chatting and sending sexual images – or something else the one giving the compensation is turned on by or that you think is sex.

RFSL Youth is the Swedish Youth Federation for LGBTQ people’s rights. 

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