It can be nice to talk to someone about what it’s like to sell sex, how you feel or what you’re thinking about. Sometimes you can have specific questions, and sometimes it just feels good to talk about it.

RFSL Göteborg Counselling Office

RFSL Göteborg has got a counsellor which is free of charge for LGBTQ people in Gothenburg. If you want to talk to the people working there, please send an e-mail to ylva.gellerstedt[at] Please state that you found her e-mail adress at Roda Paraplyet. 


Tjej- och killmottagningen

If you are 21 or under, you can visit Tjej- och killmottagningen, a clinic for young people.

You can go there to talk to someone, or to get tested for HIV or sexually transmitted diseases. This is their homepage – it’s in Swedish, but it lists phone numbers you can call. The address is Norra Hamngatan 8, 4th floor. If you identify as a trans person, we recommend that you go to Närhälsan Sexualmedicinskt Centrum, see below.

Närhälsan Sexualmedicinskt centrum

Närhälsan Sexualmedicinskt centrum welcomes everyone regardless of age, gender or gender expression for talking or testing. Their homepage can be found here. It’s in Swedish but you can always call them at 031-346 06 80.

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