Femidom is a trademarked brand, but is used as a general term for the female condom, or receiver’s condom. The partner on the receiving end inserts it, rather than the person doing the penetration. Femidoms are either made of latex or plastic. In some ways they look quite similar to regular condoms.

The femidom has an outer ring that prevents it from slipping into the the vagina or rectum. Some also have a softer inner ring that holds it in place inside the body. Inserting a femidom takes a bit of practice, whether you’re inserting it by hand or threading it over the penis or dildo and carefully “penetrate” it into place. If you’re using a femidom with an inner ring, you may need to assist with your hands.

A femidom can be used in either the anally or in the vagina. It is an effective way of reducing the risk of HIV or STI transmission. The femidom is an excellent alternative to a regular condom, and gives the receiver a chance to take control of their body and the degree of safe sex. A femidom can be inserted in advance, which is great if you’re cruising, for example. Never have sex with both a condom and a femidom as they can chafe each other and break. Use plenty of lube, both when inserting it and inside the femidom itself. This will increase both your comfort and your safety!

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