For some people, it takes an active decision to stop selling sex. Others may just phase it out gradually, with no problems.

For the money?

Most people who sell sex do it for the money. Because we need money for rent, food and othr things, it’s difficult to stop selling sex if you can not get money from somewhere else. If you feel that you want to stop selling, but you need the money, you need to start thinking about the situation and make a plan.

It’s good to think about your alternatives. Could you study and get student loans? Are there any jobs around that you are interested in and qualified for? If a first step is to become less financially dependent on selling sex, you could set a goal that half your money could come from selling and half from somewhere else, until you reach the day when you can get all your money from somewhere else. But of course, if you do not have complete grades, or a residence permit, it’s difficult to start studying. And it’s not easy to get a job, even if you have experience and education.

If you sell sex to finance a dependency on alcohol or drugs, it’s important to work on those problems. It’s not easy to become free of alcohol or drugs, but it is possible if you want to and work hard. has information on alcohol, drugs and counseling, if you want to drink less or take less drugs, or stop completely. Click the heading at the top of the page.

Sex as self-harming

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