Sometimes, things don’t go the way you planned. Maybe your limits have not been respected, and that leaves you feeling bad. Maybe there has been physical or sexual abuse.


It is never okay if someone slaps you or otherwise hurts you without an agreement. People react in different ways to being hit. For some, it’s an unpleasant experience but not a deep trauma. For others, there are worse consequences, physically and/or mentally. It’s important to talk about what has happened, with a friend, a partner or a professional. If you need to talk to someone, click “Support and Info” to find help.

First, you should visit a hospital emergency room for medical care (akut or akutmottagning in Swedish), even if you “just” have a bruise. Click on this link to find updated info in English. They can also help document your injuries, which can feel very strange, but it is important when you report it to the police.

The next step, of course, is reporting what has happened to the police. You decide if you want to do this or not. Many people feel that this is important, because it can help you feel that justice can be served, and you might prevent the person from doing something like this again, to you or to someone else. You can find your nearest police station thorugh this link.  It can be a good idea to bring a friend when you report a crime, especially if the police do not treat you well. If they treat you in a bad or offensive way, you can report it to Rose Alliance. Send an email to

Sexual assault /Rape 

Rape or sexual assault can happen in many different ways, and the person who does it can be anyone from a complete stranger to someone close to you. It doesn’t matter how you’re dressed, or whether you’ve drunk alcohol or taken drugs, it’s never your fault! The fact that you sell sex does not mean that it is okay for anyone to force you to do anything.

If you are male and over 18 and have been sexually assaulted, go to the emergency department (akuten in Swedish) at Södersjukhuset as soon as possible. If you’re a woman or a trans person of any age, or a man younger than 18, go to the AVK emergency department for assaulted/raped women, which is also at Södersjukhuset. If you’re unsure of which clinic you should go to, go to the regular emergency department at Södersjukhuset.


As written above, go to Södersjukhuset’s emergency department or the AVK department. If you have physical injuries, they will be treated there. If you want to make a police report and haven’t already done so, the hospital staff can help you with this. Don’t forget that you can always register an assault afterwards, but it may make the police investigation more difficult. At the emergency department you’ll be offered an examination. It’s your choice if you want to be examined or not, but it is recommended. Not only for your health, but also so that any evidence can be recorded. 


If you’re HIV negative or unsure of your HIV status, PEP treatment may be a good idea. This is a good but strong treatment that considerably reduces the risk of HIV being transmitted. The sooner treatment begins the better, but it must be within 36 hours. It can also be a good idea to get tested for sexually transmitted infections, and after three months you can take an HIV test. If you feel worried, you can take a test after a few weeks. Talk to your doctor about this. You can read more about testing and PEP here at Rö


Many people feel they want to shower after an assault. If you haven’t already taken a shower, do not do so, because it makes it harder to secure evidence. Bring the clothes you were wearing at the time. There may be traces on them, even if you can’t see them.

It’s never too late to find help if you want to talk to someone about an assault. It’s never your fault if you’ve been sexually assaulted or raped.

Södersjukhuset ER, Sjukhusbacken 10. Phone (central switchboard): 08-616 10 00.

Venhälsan at Södersjukhuset at Sjukhusbacken 14. Phone: 08-616 25 00

AVK (Akutmottagningen för våldtagna kvinnor, women and transgender only.floor 2, lift B or G. Phone: 08-616 46 70

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