The Sex Purchase Act

You as a seller only need to know one thing. Selling sex is not illegal. The police can not arrest you and you can not be prosecuted for selling sex. It is, however, illegal to buy sex. That means that the person who buys sex is committing a crime.

The Communicable Diseases Act 

The Communicable Diseases Act is a law that exists to minimise the spread of diseases that are “dangerous to public health”. For example, under this law, it is free to get tested for HIV and some sexually transmitted diseases. The law also exists to minimise the negative effects of infections for people who are infected. Anyone who has a disease that is “dangerous to public health” is required to do as much as they can to not spread the disease. If you are living with HIV, you have both rights and responsibilities.

  • You have the right to free anti-retroviral drugs.
  • You must inform your partner that you have HIV.
  • You must use a condom when having anal sex, vaginal sex and oral sex. 
  • You are forbidden to sell sex if you are HIV positive.

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